July 26, 2006

Neil Harding: The Israeli invasion.

Neil Harding makes an interesting point about why so much of what calls itself the 'left' instantly jumped to the side of the fascist scum and war criminals that started the confrontation in Lebanon, Hezbollah.
The 'Left' by instinct are on the side of the underdog and the oppressed and who could argue that the Palestinians and Israel's neighbours are not the underdogs in the face of Israel's massive US financed military muscle?
There could certainly be something to this idea for many, though there are some that will support anything that they see as anti-american (such as French politicians and the EU) since they are trying to re-lose the cold war.

What about the other side, those (like me) that instinctively side with Israel.

Well partly because Israel has attacked be continuously by Hezbollah's indiscriminate missile attacks against civilian targets with no military value, and does have the right to defend itself. But also because Israel is by far the most free country in the entire region. Israel is the only place in that area where, were it not for the constant fear of terrorist attacks by it's Islamist enemies, it's citizens would free to live almost exactly as they chose. This is not something that can be said about the state that the Islamist's would like to create after they drove the Jews into the sea.

So it could be that the rather obvious split over Israel is that rather old split between those that favour equality of outcome, and so side with the underdog, and those that favour equality of opportunity, and so favour the only free society in the region.


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